Optical Dove Prisms

Material: BK7 glass, PMMA, PC, Fused Silica, Sapphire etc.
Dimension: 0.5mm - 200mm
Surface Accuracy: lambda/20
Size Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
Angle Tolerance: +/-30 sec
Coating: AR, HR, HT, customized as requested

      Dove prisms have an unusual and interesting characteristic — if you look through the prism and rotate it around a longitudinal axis, the image rotates through twice the angle through which the dove prism itself rotates. 

     Optical Dove Prisms are offered uncoated, with anti-reflection coated diagonal faces, or with aluminized diagonal faces. Aluminized dove prisms feature a protected aluminum coating with black Krylon paint on the diagonal faces and are ideal for displaced retroreflection. They provide a u-turn for incident laser beam light.
        * Image Rotation of 180°
        * Left Handed Image
        * Ideal for Rotation or Displaced Retroreflection

    Dove Prism is ideal for image rotation, it creates an image inversion in a beam input parallel to the base. VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. can supply each kind size and each kind dimension Dove prism. 

     Common Specifications:
        *  Bevel: Protective bevel as needed

Substrate: N-BK7
       *   Surface Flatness: λ/8
       *   Surface Quality: 40-20

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