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    Hyper hemispherical dome lens

    We manufacture various dome lenses, such as hyper hemispherical dome lens(also called super dome lens),dome lens with flange, dome top etc..

    Dome lens is composed of two parallel optical surfaces. Among optics domes are unique because, unlike any other optical components, the key attribute of the dome is to have no optical effect. Mirrors reflect light, lenses bend light, domes ideally change nothing.

    Typically the lead element in an optical system, a dome is often exposed to the environment. Accordingly, domes made from hard ceramic materials are preferred due to their ability to withstand wind and rain erosion. Domes are typically found in single-use defense applications and submersible vehicles for deep ocean exploration.

    Dome lens we manufactured be used to protect the lens of underwater camera, which could resist the pressure of water, and give a best view field to catch picture.And also they can be used as a cover of clock and some inspected equipment etc..

    Specification of glass dome we could supplied as follow:
    Materials: BK7 glass, UV fused silica etc., various types of optical glass.
    Diameter: From 10 to 250 mm.
    Diameter Tolerance: 0.1 mm, standard; 0.01 mm - attainable.
    Surface Quality: 60/40 Scratch/Dig, standard; 20/10 Scratch/Dig, attainable depending on material type and combination of other parameters.
    Power/Irregularity: 5/1 (interference fringes), standard; 0.5/0.1 (interference fringes), attainable depending on material type and combination of other parameters. Aperture 60 deg.
    Decentration: 0.05mm, standard; 0.01, attainable.