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    Color seperation filter

    Color separation filters are designed to separate visiable light into useable spectrum for such applications as: color correction, light balancing, control systems, studio and architectural lighting, display systems, color film processors, color copiers, color television cameras and many more applications.

    VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. can supply a full range of filter. They are short pass Filter, long pass Filter, band pass Filter, ultraviole Filtert, infrared Filter, heat absorbing Filter, and color temperature conversion filters. We use material by China to Schott, Hoya, and other manufacturers to process them. Metallic films, colored glasses and thin dielectric films filter are all available per your requirements.

    Specification of our color seperation filter as follow:
    Material:Filter Glass,BK7
    Dimension: 4mm-160mm - 0.20mm
    Thickness tolerance:+/-0.01mm-0.1mm
    Paralism: Up to 3 Arc minutes
    Ground Flatness:Up to Lambda/10
    Surface quantity: 80/50-20/10 Scratch/Dig