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    Optical Grade LN Wafer

    Typical Specifications of Optical Grade LN Wafer:

    Orientation X&Z-cut ±0.2°
    Diameter50.8mm/76.2 mm/100mm ±0.3 mm
    Orientation Flat(OF)22mm ±2 mm/32mm ±2 mm Perpendicular to X ±0.2°
    Second Refer.Flat(RF)Cw225°±0.5°from OF    Cw315°±0.5°from OF
    Thickness250um/500um/1000um ±5um or more
    Surface QualityDouble sides polished; S/D:20/10
    Curie Temperature1142℃± 0.7℃
    Refractive Indexn0=2.2878±0.0002  n。=2.2033±0.0002 prism coupler method@632.8nm
    Edge BevelingEdge Rounding

    Customization acceptable


    Basic materials characteristics

    Crystal StructureTrigonal, point group 3m
    Lattice Parametersa=5.148Å, c=13.863Å
    Density4.64 g/cm3
    Melting Point1250 °C
    Curie Point1142±2℃
    Mohs Hardness5
    Dielectric Constante11/e0 = 85; e33/e0 = 29.5
    Thermal Conductivity38 W/m/°C at 25°C
    Thermal Expansion Coefficienta1=a2 =2x10-6/°C, a3=2.2x10-6/ °C at 25°C
    Elastic Stiffness ConstantCE11 = 2.04 x 1011 N/m2, CE33 = 2.46 x 1011 N/m


    The possible applications of optical grade LN wafer:
    1. EO Waveguide Phase Modulators
    2. EO Waveguide Amplitude Modulators
    3.  Integrated Waveguide Photonics
    4. Wave Guide Lasers
    5. Polarizer for Optic Isolator
    6.Quasi-phase Matching for SHG and OPO