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    Wedge prism

    Wedge prism is an optical element having plane-inclined surfaces, usually the faces are inclined toward one another at very small angles. Wedges divert light toward their thicker portions.

    Wedge prism is commonly used in laser system for eliminating the reflections from the second surface or for beam steering. Standard and broadband antireflection coatings are available upon request, see our standard optics components below.


    We supply optical wedge prism,and specification of our wedge prism as follow:
    *Material:BK7 or(JGS1 JGS2 JGS3)
    *Dimension Tolerance:+/-0.20mm to +0.01/-0.01mm
    *Thickness Tolerance:+/-0.20mm to +/-0.005mm
    *Surface Quality:80-50 to 10-5 Scratch/Dig
    *Surface Flatness: at 632.8nm lambda to lambda /20 per 25mm
    *Clear Aperture:80% -- 100%
    *Angle Tolerance:3-5 minutes to 3 second 
    *Chamfer:0.3+/-0.20mm *45degree
    *Coating Optional