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    Right angle prism

    Right angle prisms/Rectangular prisms are used to deflect a beam of light through 90 or 180 degrees. This can be used as component to create various optical devices. BK-7 can be used for a range between the visible and infrared light. fused-silica an be used for a range between ultraviolet and infrared light. VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of different materials and different degree of precision prisms.

    Specification of our right angle prism as follow:
    *Material:BK7 glass or UV grade fused silica
    *Dimension Tolerances:+/-0.1mm
    *Angle Tolerance:+/-3’or 30” 
    *Clear Aperture:90%
    *Surface Quality:60/40 or 20/10
    *Surface Flatness:λ/8 or λ/4 @633nm
    *Coating Optional