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    Longpass filter

    Longpass filters are designed to transmit wavelengths greater than the cut-on wavelength of the filter.Longpass filter are used to isolate portions of the spectrum in a variety of industrial or life sciences applications including microscopy or fluoresence instrumentation.Longpass filter can be used with shortpass edge filter to create custom bandpass filter.Certain longpass filters can also be used as cold mirrors to minimize the heat buildup often caused by infrared radiation.

    Specification of longpass filter

    Coating                                            IAD Multilaer dielectric coating

    Peak transmittance                         T>94%

    Out-Band Optical Density               OD2-OD4

    Cut-on or Cut-off                             <20nm

    Working Wavelength Range           200-1100nm

    Substrate                                        B270,D263T,fused silica,Sapphire etc.

    Round                                             dia.3mm~110mm

    Square                                            2mm×2mm~146mm×146mm

    Thickness                                       0.3mm-5.0mm

    Clear Aperture                                Coating cover greater 95% active area

    Surface quality                                40-20

    Testing                                            MIL-STD-810F