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    Narrowband filter

    Narrowband filter is the optical filter that suppressing the light source,sensor,natural light and isolating specific monochromatic spectrum.Narrowband filter is relatively cutoff interference light and transmit the particular wavelength.VY Optics pay more attention on the application field of customers.

    Mainly application of narrowband filter:Semiconductor laser,security camera,sensor encapsulation,medical instrument,fluorescence microscope.


    Specification of narrowband filter 

    CoatingIAD Dielectric coating,combination type filter
    Peak transmittance95%,90%,85%,80%,70%,60%,50%,40%,30%,20%,10%
    Full Width-Half Max FWHM(nm)FWHM=8nm,10nm,15nm,20nm,25nm,30nm,35nm,40nm
    Blocking Wavelength Range(nm)200nm~λcwl~1100nm
    Blocking Optical DensityOD2,OD3,OD4,OD5
    SubstrateOptical grade glass(K0,B270,D263T,fused silica,color glass etc.)
    Clear ApertureCoating cover greater 95% active area
    Surface quality40-20

     curve of narrowband