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    Sapphire ingot

    Sapphire’s excellent physical and optical performance has been widely use on military and aerospace field, such as wave-transmitting window, laser window, guard plate, pressure sensor, gyroscope, durable bearing, optoelectronic tracker, IR security system, optronic masts etc…
    The main properties of sapphire:
    1. Sapphire has excellent light guides, and its transmittance in the range of 150-7500 nm, covering the ultraviolet, visible, near infrared, mid-infrared wave band, etc.
    2. Its expansion coefficient of only 5 * 10-6 /degree, the melting point is 2050 degrees, operating temperature up to 1900 degrees, with excellent resistance to thermal shock and high temperature performance.
    3. Excellent mechanical properties, hardness upto Mok's 9, but also has good compressive strength and flexural strength.
    4. It has a good sealability to maintain the vacuum sealing system, even if generated by thermal shock no any leakage causes.
    5. Sapphire is a great choice of material of radioresistance and electric insulativity.

    orentation: c-axis
    primary flatlength: 16mm±0.5mm
    diameter: 50.9mm±0.05mm
    length: 40-180mm
    exclusion areas: <10%
    circularity: <0.02mm
    surface roughness: FG
    purity: >99.999%
    Vision inspection: No inclusions, polycrystalline areas, block,twins, bubbles, cracks.