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    LiTaO3 crystal lens

    LiTaO3 crystal lens is also widely used E-O crystal,Lithium tantalate(LiTaO3) has good piezoelectric, ferroelectric and acoustooptic effect, and is widely used in optic communication, laser and optical electronics fields as the ideal material of SAW device.

    Main properities of LiTaO3 lens include:
    E-O Coefficient:r33=30.4
    Refractive Indices:no=2.716,ne=2.180 at 633nm
    1) Diameter:76.2mm,50mm
    2) Orientation:X,Z,36°Y,112X
    3) Polish:both siades or single side 10/5 S/D
    4) TTV<10 Um
    5) Bow:<20 Um