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    Lithium niobium crystal (LiNbO3) lens

    Lithium niobium crystal (LN)LiNbO3 lens is widely used in SAW filter, optical waveguide, photoelectricity modulator, frequency multiplication transducer and information storage as a functional crystal with excellent physical feature of anti high temperature and anti canker. It has stable mechanical performance, and will appear different special feature after being doped differently.

    We manufacture LiNbO3 crystal lens professionally.
    Basic Properties of optical LiNbO3 crystal lens as follow:
    Crystal Structure:Trigonal, point group 3m
    Lattice Parameters:a=b=5.148 , c=13.863  
    Density:4.64 g/cm3 
    Melting Point:1250 degrees
    Curie Point:1142+/- degrees
    Mohs Hardness:55
    Dielectric Constant :e11/e0 = 85; e33/e0 = 29.5
    Thermal Conductivity:38 W/m egrees at 25 egrees
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient:a1=a2 =2x10-6 egrees, a3=2.2x10-6/ degrees at 25degrees
    Piezoelectric Strain Constant:d22 = 2.04 x 10-11 C/N, d33 = 19.22 x 10-11 C/N
    Elastic Stiffness Constant:CE11 = 2.04 x 1011 N/m2, CE33 = 2.46 x 1011 N/m2