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    Amici prism

    Amici prism,also called roof prism,17.98mm,HK9L glass with AR coating,is a type of compound dispersive prism used in spectrometers. The Amici prism consists of two triangular prisms in contact, with the first typically being made from a medium-dispersion crown glass, and the second a higher-dispersion flint glass.

    The specification of Amici prism as picture indicated:
    N1=N2=2,Delta N1,N2=0.5
    N3=N4=2,Delta N3,N4=0.5
    Surface quality:60-40
    Theta 1=Theta 2=10 '
    Roof symmetry is 0.15,can have 3 break-points,small than 0.1
    Perpendicularity of 3 and 4 faces is 10'
    AR coating (MgF2@550nm) T>95%