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    Optical bandpass filter

    Optical bandpass filters are used to selectively transmit a portion of the spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths.Optical bandpass filters are ideal for a variety of applications,such as fluorescence microscopy,spectroscopy,clinical chemistry,or imaging.These filters are typically used in the life science,industrial,or R&D industries.
    VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. can supply a full range of filter. They are short pass Filter, long pass Filter, band pass Filter, ultraviole Filtert, infrared Filter, heat absorbing Filter, and color temperature conversion filters. We use material by China to Schott, Hoya, and other manufacturers to process them. Metallic films, colored glasses and thin dielectric films filter are all available per your requirements.

    Specification of bandpass filter as follow:

    CoatingIAD multilayer dielectric coating
    Peak TransmissionT>85%
    Blocking Optical DensityOD2-OD4
    SubstrateK9,B270,D263T,Fused silica etc.
    Clear ApertureCoating cover greater 95% active area
    Surface quality40-20