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    Plano convex spherical lens

    Plano-Convex Spherical Lens is widely use in optical display systems, projection optics systems, imagining optical systems, and laser measurement systems. It is best use where conjugate point-- object distance, S or image distance S' is more than five times of the other. This lens is almost the most super form for both collimating a point source and focusing collimated light.


    Specification of plano-convex spherical lenses as follow:
    *Material:BK7 or other materials
    *Focal length:+/-1%
    *Center thickness tolerance:+/-0.01mm
    *Centration:1 arc minutes
    *Surface Figure:lambda/2 at 633nm on plano side
    *Surface quality:40/20 stratch/dig
    *Clear Apenture>90%
    *Chamfer Protective:0.25mm at 45 degree typical