VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

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    • Biomedical

      The majority of lenses we manufacture are for biomedical applications. Our customers depend on our optics for surgical lasers, micro surgery, ophthalmology and endoscopy equipment.

    • Astronomy & Aerospace

      VY Optics manufactures precision optical lenses for the high-end “prosumer” astronomy market. Our lenses are used in devices that improve telescope performance.

    • Defense

      Over 30% of VY Optics's lenses are used in the defense industry.The Defense industry continues to be one of the leaders in advanced optics.

    • Laser science

      Optical components manufactured by VY Optics are used in a vast array of scientific instruments that help with new drug discovery, life sciences research, even mapping the Human Genome.

    • Metrology Industry

      VY Optics ​understands the importance of the Metrology Industry, because metrology is so inherently used throughout the process of optical manufacturing.