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    The majority of VY Optics' lenses are for biomedical applications.The Biomedical industry has been a staple application of optics for decades. Certain advancements in medical surgery can be attributed to a surgeons’ ability to “see” inside a body while making minimal incisions outside the body. With the aid of fiber optics and micro-optics, high performance full spectrum endoscopes allow for excellent vision in very hard to reach places of the human body. A significant need for optics in the biomedical realm is in blood cell spectroscopy. Laser, optics, and sensors are used in combination to detect light scatter emanating from blood samples in flow cells. This allows companies and agencies to analyze red and white blood counts to assist in the detection of disease. The ability to analyze blood cells photopically, is, and will continue to be, a very important application of optics. VY Optics has been consistently manufacturing optics for the biomedical industry for decades. We are excited and intrigued by all biomedical applications, such as surgical lasers, micro surgery, ophthalmology and endoscopy equipment.and we are devoted to seeing optics and photonics assist in the health advancement of society.