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    Metrology Industry

    A company’s ability to provide quality is based on the company’s ability to assure that level of quality. VY Optics understands the importance of the Metrology Industry, because metrology is so inherently used throughout the process of optical manufacturing. As many of the optical components that we manufacture, are in-fact, used in many of the metrology devices that we in-turn use to inspect our optics. This generates a constant “push” for higher and higher levels of precision in the industry and within our company. It also means that we can service many of the metrology tools and reference optics that we use daily, allowing our vertical integration to achieve consistent new heights. The end result is that we can service our customers and suppliers in the Metrology Industry at the cutting-edge of technology. Some of our longest and most reliable commercial programs are based in Metrology, and we plan on that never changing!

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