550nm Orange Glass Filter

Dimension: 3mm-300mm
Thickness: 1.0mmm, 1.10mm
CWL: 550nm, 808nm, 920nm, 880nm or as requested
FWHM: 20nm
Transmission: 90%

     Size of colour orange glass filter on the picture is 45*50*2mm. 
     The Principle of a colour filter is to let the wavelengths of their own colours pass to the greatest extent (approx. 90 per cent) and block any other. A portion of the rays are reflected at the glass surface. If you use a colour filter with white illumination, you must expect a significant loss of light.

     In portrait photography, an orange filter reduces the appearance of freckles and blemishes, giving the skin a healthy, smooth look. When photographing buildings and cityscapes, they give bricks a pleasing tone, and increase contrast between different materials to add depth and texture to the image.
     Color Glass Filters are made from optically polished highest quality Schott colored optical glass. The spectral properties of these color filters are uniform over the entire aperture and independent of angle of incidence.

    VY Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. can supply a full range of filter. They are short pass Filter, long pass Filter, band pass Filter, ultraviole Filtert, infrared Filter, heat absorbing Filter, and color temperature conversion filters. We use material by China to Schott, Hoya, and other manufacturers to process them. Metallic films, colored glasses and thin dielectric films filter are all available per your requirements.

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